Samsung Developing Its Own Chips for Galaxy S III

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Further distancing itself from Qualcomm technology, Samsung will be using their own chips in its upcoming Galaxy S III smartphone. The change will see Samsung implementing its own single-chip design in the new Galaxy device.

A Samsung executive told the Korean Times that "Samsung's single-chip solution is a combination of long-term evolution (LTE), telecommunications and W-CDMA functions. We don't think there will be big technology-related problems as we have already tested our telecommunications chips in some smartphones and tablets for consumers in North America. Also, Google's first reference mobile, the Galaxy Nexus, is using Samsung's telecom chips." The executive added that Samsung's Exynos-branded quad-core mobile application processors will go into the new Galaxy phones.

Samsung has said that it has a stronger drive to lessen its dependence on Qualcomm, by relying on its own chipsets. Another Samsung executive stated that "Samsung is paying huge amounts to Qualcomm in return for using its single-chip solutions in strategic digital devices, however, Qualcomm is gradually losing its edge - It was believed that Qualcomm chips had greater stability and suited easy upgrades. But, that's the old story. Our long-term plan is clear. Using Samsung solutions for Samsung products."

Still, both executives wanted to hide their identities, as they claimed they weren't authorized to be speaking to journalists, making none of their intel completely official.

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