Samsung Buys NeuroLogica, a Medical Imaging Equipment Manufacturer

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Samsung Electronics America this week announced that it has agreed to acquire NeuroLogica, a medical imaging equipment company. The company is most well-known for developing portable CT scanners.

The price Samsung is paying for the company is unknown, as no details of the sale were disclosed. Samsung did state, however, that the acquisition is a part of the company's expansion of its medical imaging business. The company has dedicated itself to the nebulous goal of exploring "new avenues of growth in the healthcare business by enhancing medical imaging diagnosis" by the year 2020. From the Samsung statement:

The acquisition of NeuroLogica is another important step in the expansion of Samsung’s medical imaging business. Samsung will continue to strengthen its capabilities and product portfolio to establish itself as a trusted leader in the health and medical equipment industry. The company plans to leverage its global brand awareness and world-leading technology in consumer electronics, IT and communications with NeuroLogica in order to expand medical imaging business.

NeuroLogica was founded in 2004 and is based in the Boston, Massachusetts metro area. It designs and manufacturers medical imaging equipment for hospitals and private health practices. Its products include the CereTom and BodyTom portable computed tomography (CT) scanners.

(Image courtesy NeuroLogica)

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