Samsung Brutalizes Puppy-Computers in Strange New Ad [UPDATED]

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Last week, in order to advertise their Solid States Drives, Samsung tapped Laina Walker, the wide-eyed girl better known as the inspiration behind the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme. In that ad, Samsung suggested that your computer could easily give up all of your private information - making your life a living hell (if it wanted to). So could your crazy ex-girlfriend, or course, and that was the motivation behind bringing OAG into the mix.

Today we get the second installment of Samsung's "Love me again" campaign, and it's even stranger.

This time, Samsung likens your computers to cute little puppies and asks you to not give up on puppy love. Instead, make it better with a Samsung SSD 840.

Cue two minutes of brutally destroying computers made to look like puppies. It's a little morbid, when you think about it. If Samsung's goal was to make me feel bad for old laptops, well, they succeeded. Check it out below:

UPDATE: We've received word that the video has temporarily been made private. We're seeking further explanation and comment, and will let you know when we hear anything.

UPDATE 2: Some negative feedback prompted the move. We can only assume that some people were upset by the portrayal of the computer as dogs, and some of the violent actions being done to the dogs.

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