Samsung Beats Apple in New Enterprise Smartphone Assessment

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With 2014 nearly upon us, it's the time of year for introspection and reminiscing. For the technology industry, each December is surprising for how different situations are compared to the previous January. This year in particular has marked a turning point for the smartphone segment, where Samsung is now competing head-to-head with Apple.

Market research firm ABI Research this week released a new competitive assessment for the enterprise smartphone industry as it stands now. The report concludes that Samsung has the overall best enterprise smartphone implementation in the business. The Korean manufacturer is followed closely by Apple, which recently added crucial enterprise tools in its latest iOS update. BlackBerry also makes the top three, demonstrating that it could still have some value in its enterprise solutions despite the complete failure of its consumer device division.

Though ABI scored Apple highest in implementation Samsung was able to edge out its rival in innovation, with the firm stating that Samsung's security features are better. Samsung this fall began expanding its enterprise solutions business and recently introduced a consumer version of its Knox enterprise security suite.

“There are two sets of OEM battles that need to be watched closely: Apple and Samsung and Nokia and BlackBerry,” said Jason McNicol senior analyst at ABI. “Apple and Samsung are quite interesting considering Apple’s smartphone innovations drove its lead in the enterprise over Samsung. But Samsung has learned quickly and has stolen the innovator role from Apple.”

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