Samsung Announces Series 7 Gaming Laptop

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Samsung has announced the new Samsung Series Gamer, a laptop designed with feedback from serious gamers in mind. This will make you the envy of all your gaming friends.

The Series 7 features a 17.3 inch 1080p display, Dolby Home Theater Surround Sound and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M graphics card. Oh, and it comes with Ivy Bridge processors. And will feature 16GB of RAM and 8 GB of flash memory to be used as an ExpressCache.

Series 7 keyboard

“The Series 7 Gamer offers all the elements of a high-powered gaming machine with the convenience of the mode-changing dial, which enables you to switch off components in order to save power and have a quieter experience when you’re using it as a more traditional laptop,” said Todd Bouman, vice president of marketing at Samsung Enterprise Business Division. “When the product is in gaming mode, it takes the experience to the next level by optimizing the graphics and sound, turning on a pulsating light in the speakers and highlighting the gaming keys in red, which truly allows users to immerse themselves in a game.”

The Smasung Series 7 will come with four distinct modes, so you can switch from gaming to regular computing tasks for any use you can think of.

  • Gaming Mode – The main gaming keys are highlighted on the keyboard in red, and a light is turned on around the speakers, which pulsates to match the game’s sounds. The Windows key and touchpad are disabled when a game is inserted, eliminating the possibility of accidentally hitting the wrong part of the keyboard while playing. The keyboard also features ergonomic u-shaped key caps, a 2.7mm keystroke and separated arrow keys, enabling you to engage in rapid play with minimal errors.
  • General Mode – the laptop is optimized for regular computing tasks, such as web, Office and photo viewing.
  • Quiet Mode – In quiet mode, sounds are disabled and the fan is turned off to result in a quieter experience.
  • Power Saver Mode – To save battery life, only the most critical parts of the processor are running when the laptop is in this mode.

Samsung Series Seven

These stats are pretty impressive, especially for a laptop, and should keep you gaming for a long time to come. I know a lot of gamers prefer a desktop that they can upgrade when they need to, but the specs on this laptop should keep that from being a necessity for a while. It even has the price tag to prove it.

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