Sammy the Squirrel Steals The Spotlight at Presidents Cup

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Sammy the squirrel stole the spotlight at the President's Cup. While many fans were hoping to see their favorite golfer, they were instead entertained and at time even distracted by the furry little creature. Sammy seems pretty friendly and even tame, so what made him this way?

U.S. Assistant Captain Davis Love seems to be this squirrels best friend, and that is probably because he started feeding him earlier that day. Capatin Love might be the squirrel wisperer or he may have just had a pocketful of snacks that he little squirrel wanted.

The squirrel rode on Love's golfcart most of the day and even got to meet the legendary Tiger Woods. Lindsey Vonn who is dating Tiger took playfully placed the squirrel on his neck as he was getting ready to hit the ball. Although Tiger didn't seem too impressed by his gilfriend's joke, Love say the couple really like the squirrel and that both of them held and petted it.

"Tiger actually liked him," Love said. "And Lindsey loves him."

But Sammy can't stay with Love or at the golfcourse so what is a little squirrel to do? Luckily for him, he will get all the care he needs at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The furry golf fan will go to his new home over the weekend. Love says he plans to visit the squirrel as often as he can.

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