Samantha Harris To Have Double Mastectomy

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Samantha Harris, former co-host on "Dancing With The Stars" and "Entertainment Tonight", has revealed she is battling breast cancer and will undergo a double mastectomy later this month.

Harris says she found a lump last year, but a doctor's visit showed nothing wrong. Later, however, she still didn't feel right, and a lumpectomy revealed a scary diagnosis. The 40-year old says her biggest worry now is for her two young daughters and how much she'll be able to function.

"It's scary and you worry. ... My daughters are three and six, you know. All they're concerned about is to have mommy active, be able to hold them, hug them, kiss them," she said. "I want to still do and from what the doctors say, I will still be able to do, but no matter how positive of a diagnosis as I have, it doesn't keep the demons of fear from taking over your mind and your thought process."

An emotional Harris said she plans to stay strong for her family and made the tough decision to undergo surgery because it was a way to take control of a very difficult situation.

"I was sick of feeling the way that I did in the days after the diagnosis," said Harris. "I knew I needed to take control.... I will be here to plan my daughters weddings and they better like the dress I pick."

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