Samantha Bee: Late Night Show to Debut Next Month

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Samantha Bee will debut her new late-night satirical talk show, set to air on TBS, on February 8. Full Frontal With Samantha Bee will be the only late night show hosted by a woman. Does she have what it takes to compete in late-night ratings war?

A former correspondent on Jon Stewart's Daily Show, Samantha Bee plans to lean heavily into the big news issues, relying on satire to fuel her humor. One of her first on-air interviews involves a female veteran as she takes on the VA.

Her interviewee lost a foot and got a prosthetic, although it was made for a man. Samantha Bee learns there aren't any words for female body parts in the computer system, and that they barely offer any OB/GYN services.

"So, the VA is the one place you can't find a woman's vagina online," Samantha Bee deadpans. This prompts the official to respond, "We're on the faster side of slow."

If you liked the humor on the Daily Show, you will no doubt enjoy Full Frontal With Samantha Bee. That's something she's proud to admit.

"It's natural," Samantha Bee said on Thursday at the winter Television Critics Association gathering. "I loved doing that so much. But we're expanding that world and going to mix up the styles and evolve the medium."

Bee knows she will soon be the exception to the late-night rule. That isn't something she fears, however, but she says hers won't be a "woman's show."

"It makes complete sense to me that it would be part of the conversation. Women's issues are completely important to me. But it's not going to be the only thing we talk about on the show," she says.

Will you be tuning in to check out Samantha Bee when her new show--Full Frontal With Samantha Bee--debuts on TBS on February 8? Do you think she stands a chance against the late night men?

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