Sam Champion Feels Betrayed By Fellow GMA Hosts

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Weatherman Sam Champion recently scored a new TV gig with The Weather Channel, and left his longtime job at ABC's Good Morning America, but it was his recent appearance on Piers Morgan Live that has people talking.

The 52 year old said he doesn't get the whole gay marriage debate at all, and he's confused why someone would oppose gay marriage so harshly. And when Morgan asked him where he sees the gay marriage debate going in the next decade, Champion said the following:

"Piers, I hope it's just a regular conversation," he said. "I hope you're able in this country and really in the world, why shouldn't you be, to proudly talk about the person that you're in love with, that you share your life with and have no one bat an eye."

In addition, the weather guru said he could care less about who chooses to be together, because if the union is about two people being in love, then nobody should have a problem with it.


"I cannot imagine being unhappy for someone who is in love," stated Champion. "I just can't. It's beyond me. It's an argument I can't even launch to make because I don't understand the other side."

And another thing that Champion doesn't understand are the accusations by some that he's difficult to work with, and that he left Good Morning America for the Weather Channel solely for money. And it hurt him that some of these things were allegedly said by his former Good Morning America co-hosts.

"Sam was with ABC for 25 years," revealed an inside source. "When he did the goodbye show at GMA he felt good about walking out the door, but then came these digs by people that throughout his career he would have called friends and he doesn't understand why, or what's in it for anybody."

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