Salma Hayek Will Eat Almost Anything, Even Worms [Video]

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Actress, Salma Hayek has an odd taste for food and this was proven when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday.

The Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen challenged the Oscar-nominated actress to sample some foods they prepared. In the game “Will Salma Eat It?” the host first offered Salma deep-fried frog.

"Deep-fried frog or frog legs?" she asked. "What you're supposed to eat is the frog legs."

She revealed that there is no problem with eating them because it is a common French food. Salma lives in France with her husband, François-Henri Pinault, a French businessman.

Next, she was given a Jalepeno, which the star willingly ate. The Mexican-born actress said she can eat almost anything but onions.

The game became more challenging when the host offered Salma stir-fried silkworms. The actress ate the silkworms without a second thought. The exotic food might be gross-looking for some people but Salma quickly told the the viewers, "These are Mexican."

As the game was about to end, the host offered yet another dish- gefilte fish- to which Salma commented that she would rather eat the worms.

When asked about how she maintained her fit body after giving birth, she revealed that she is strict with her diet.

According to her, she does not starve herself even when on a diet. The key is to eat healthy foods. A word of advice from her:  “It's always great to breast feed,” Salma said. “Don't worry about it while you breast feed, but after you stop - eat less, exercise.”

Salma Hayek proved that she is worthy of the title “Champion” when it comes to chomping down exotic foods.

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