Salma Hayek Shares Beauty Secrets

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Salma Hayek just might be the most gorgeous and youthful 48-year-old in the world, but she works plenty hard to keep it that way.

In fact, Salma Hayek does a lot of things differently than what many people do these days to keep healthy.

You are welcome for what you are about to be privvy to.

For one thing, Salma Hayek welcomes the fat. The good fat, that is.

Salma Hayek told Extra, “I embrace fat, the good fat, this is very important and I make a bone broth that you can look up on the internet, it’s very good for all your health and it’s full of collagen, when you drink it, it’s like fat.”

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She added, “I think people are afraid of fat, and fat is your friend.”

Salma Hayek has her own skincare line, Nuance Salma Hayek, but she also tends to make her own concoctions when at home.

Salma Hayek revealed the interesting main ingredient in her homemade skin care, saying, “The main ingredient, it’s the bark of a tree that’s used in Mexican hospitals for burn victims so it regenerates the skin.”

And, during a the premiere for the new animated movie she produced, Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet, Salma Hayek looked so amazing and rejuvenated.

She then revealed another interesting facial treatment.

She said, “I have many beauty secrets, but tonight, I am lucky because these two Japanese girls are here from Tokyo and they do a massage on the face that pulls you up."

She added, "It’s like a lift, and they do it all with their hands. No machines, no products, it’s all with their hands. They do something very strange, but it works.”

So glad Salma Hayek is willing to let the rest of the world know how she keeps that youthful glow. Have you tried any of her methods?

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