Salma Hayek Praises Daughter for Generous Spirit


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Salma Hayek has reason to be very proud of her daughter Valentina, as she is thinking about others in need this holiday season.

Valentina is currently growing out her locks – in order to cut them off and donate them to children with cancer.

"My daughter valentina is growing her beautiful mane so she can cut it and donate it to make a wig for children with cancer. Now that is the spirit of christmas," the actress wrote on Instagram.

Check it out:

Hayek recently gave some advice to young girls at the Variety Power of Women event.

“The most important thing to say to the girls is to not try to be like the other girls. Not to try to fit in, but to try to really be profound thinkers that are excited about their differences and explore what they are and who they are and what can come out of the new," she said.

“I think the voice of women can change the world, but we don’t know our voice,” she said. “We’ve never really investigated. We’ve been too busy for many, many decades and generations, trying to operate within systems that were designed by men ... I don’t think we really have tapped into our potential or our own creativity.”