Salma Hayek Enjoy Mommy-Daughter Date Night With Valentina at 'The Prophet' Premiere

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Salma Hayek enjoyed a mommy-daughter date night with her girl, Valentina Paloma, at the premiere of the animated film

Salma Hayek's daughter Valentina is the spitting image of her mom:

— E! News (@ENews) July 30, 2015

">Khalil Gibran's The Prophet.

The actress, who also produced the film a lent her voice to one of the characters, brought her seven and a half-year-old daughter to the premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

“It’s actually a grandmother-mother-daughter date night,” Hayek, 48, told People magazine before the screening. “My mom is also here. This film is for everybody.”

Looking beautiful in a Balenciaga dress and Gucci shoes, Hayek showed off her mini-me daughter, who voiced a character in the French version of the film, on the red carpet.

“She’s excited to see [the movie] again and show it to her friends, but she’s also excited because we have a lot of people from the Disney Channel here,” jokes Hayek.

Usually Salma Hayek is very protective of her daughter and tries to keep her out of the spotlight. But, this was a special occasion.

“I never do it,” Hayek said. “But it’s a special occasion. She suffered through Mommy not being around for so long with this one. She’s been a part of it because she had to sacrifice also for this film.”

Salma Hayek said the emotional subject of the film was cathartic for her daughter, who recently lost her grandmother.

“For her, after seeing this movie, she doesn’t see death in the same way. She did a drawing of my grandmother’s tomb. She never met my grandmother. She was sad she was dead,” said Hayek. “Now after seeing the movie, in the drawing, my grandmother was released from the ground and she’s a spirit among us. That’s pretty awesome.”

The duo also took an opportunity to visit Disneyland while in town.

“Saturday we went to Disneyland. It was hot. I was really overworked,” said Salma Hayek. “Once you arrive there, you can not get them out of there. I dragged them out!”

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