Salma Hayek Admits She Was Once A "Desperate Dater"

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Salma Hayek hasn't always been lucky in the ways of love and romance.

Of course, Salma Hayek found love and has been married to billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault since 2009.

Salma Hayek and her hubby also share a daughter, Valentina, who was born in 2007.

But, Salma Hayek admits she was once pretty normal and even (gasp!) desperate.

Weren't most people at one point?

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In a new interview for Allure, Salma Hayek said, "I wish I knew [when I was younger] that I was going to fall crazy in love with the perfect man."

She continued, "I was so worried, and I dated some people I shouldn't have dated. You get desperate, and you start seeing wonderful things in, like, the wrong guys. I also found some pretty good guys."

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She added, "But I wish I could say to myself, 'Hey, chill out. You're going to get a great husband that's going to adore you. I would have saved myself a lot of personal drama."

Now, Salma Hayek didn't say who she was talking about when she mentions "the wrong guys" she dated when she was desperate.

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Salma Hayek dated Edward Norton from 1999-2003, and dated Josh Lucas for a brief period from 2003-2004. She was also rumored to be dating Colin Farrell very briefly back in 2004.

Um, that's where my money is for "wrong" guy.

Luckily, Salma Hayek found Mr. Rich Right and is set to live happily ever after.

What do you think about Salma Hayek's adventures in love? Pretty familiar? Well, except that part where she ends up with a French billionaire, anyway?

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