Salesforce Extends Remote Work, Opening HQ in May

Salesforce has updated its work strategy, extending work-from-home (WFM) till the end of the year....
Salesforce Extends Remote Work, Opening HQ in May
Written by Matt Milano
  • Salesforce has updated its work strategy, extending work-from-home (WFM) till the end of the year.

    Salesforce made headlines in February when it announced it was embracing remote work permanently, giving employees the option to have a hybrid work schedule. Under the company’s new plans, there would be three categories of workers: flex, fully remote and in-office.

    The company expects the majority of its employees to be flex workers, only coming to the office 1-3 days per week. In-office will comprise the smallest percentage, and be in the office 4-5 days. Fully remote workers would be those that live outside a reasonable commute distance, or those with roles that don’t require an office.

    Salesforce is working on reopening its offices, with some 22 locations around the world now open. The company’s first US office and HQ, Salesforce Tower San Francisco, will be open in May. In the meantime, the company is extending its WFM till at least December 31, making any return to the office optional until then.

    The company also shared several insights gleaned from its WFM efforts.

    Thursday has emerged as the most popular day for employees to come to the office, with many employees preferring to start their week at home.

    Productivity has also been impacted, as “employees are 16% more likely to agree they are more productive at home, and 13% more likely to agree that their teams are more productive at home than in the office.” In addition, 20% of WFM employees are more likely to take wellbeing breaks than their office-bound counterparts.

    At the same time, the office is still seen as a superior place for collaboration. In the company’s Sydney location, “64% of collaboration spaces like lounges and conference rooms were utilized; whereas only 24% of desk space was used. And employees working in the office were 19% more likely to have connected socially with a colleague compared to those working from home.”

    As a company that has embraced WFM, Salesforce offers important insights and a roadmap for companies wanting to make a similar transition.

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