Sadie Robertson Stands Up for 'Duck Dynasty' Grandpa Phil on 'DWTS

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Sadie Robertson had the opportunity to stand up for both her grandfather, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, as well as for her faith, during a clip that aired prior to this week's performance on Dancing With the Stars. Several members of the Robertson clan were on hand to watch Sadie dance with pro Mark Ballas, including her dad Willie Robertson, and three of her uncles. In fact Willie, along with his brothers Jase and Jep, and their Uncle Si, started off Sadie and Mark's performance by using their Duck Commander duck calls.

"I was 14 and I didn't realize how big it was going to be," Sadie Robertson said about the inception of Duck Dynasty. "But there's definitely been some bad things about being in the public eye."

She added that her family and her faith--her Robertson roots--helped her through some recent difficult times.

"Everybody knows who you are and they're looking for you to mess up," she said. "My grandpa said some things that upset some people and the press came after him.

Sadie was speaking, of course, about Phil Robertson's negative comments about homosexuality that appeared in GQ magazine about 10 months ago.

"My family would not be where we are without our faith. That's what's carried us this whole way. You know, we put our faith in God and we like to share that with everybody," she said. "The thing is, no matter what he would have said, we should have stuck by him, because he's my grandpa. Yeah, he's very opinionated, but he's my family, and family sticks together."

The Duck Dynasty family--well, at least Sadie Robertson's dad Willie--has stuck close by her Dancing With the Stars performances. He has approved each of the costumes she has worn for her performances, making sure they are modest enough for their family's morals.


I know it's super late but I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart thank y'all so much for voting & for getting us that 9 tonight! We couldn't do any of it without y'all, and we are so happy to get to keep dancing. We LOVE it. we really hope y'all are having as much fun as we are having ♥️ #teamquackattack #thequackpack

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Those strong morals certainly haven't prevented Sadie Robertson from becoming quite the dancer. She and Mark Ballas scored 37 out of 40 points--a very impressive score for the evening.

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