Twitter: Sacha Baron Cohen Banned From Oscars?

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Update: The Academy is now saying that they have not "banned" Cohen yet, per se. Rather, they are waiting to determine his intentions about promoting The Dictator at the awards.

Deadline reported that the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has pulled actor Sacha Baron Cohen‘s tickets from the 84th Academy Awards. Due to his plans to attend the ceremony, or at least the red carpet, in character as Admiral General Aladeen from his movie The Dictator, the Academy has decided to bump him entirely.

Cohen was invited to attend the Oscars due to his performance as Inspector Gustav in the Best Picture contender Hugo, a Paramount movie. Paramount told Deadline, "Unless they’re assured that nothing entertaining is going to happen on the Red Carpet, the Academy is not admitting Sacha Baron Cohen to the show."

At this rate, however, with all the press that the mere proposal of the stunt is bringing, Cohen does not even have to do a stunt on the red carpet. In fact, his showing up in a traditional tuxedo and not causing a scene would be as big a news item as if he went rogue and defied the Academy.

The folks on Twitter had this to say about that:

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