Sabrina Corgatelli On Hot Seat After Photos With Dead Giraffe Circulate The Web

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Recently, the killing of Cecil the lion caused uproar on social media. The hunter and dentist by profession, Dr. Walter Palmer became the butt of criticisms and insults after the news came out.

It seems that news of hunting and killing animals is now a hot topic as another poacher by the name of Sabrina Corgatelli, is making rounds in social media. Corgatelli, from Idaho drew the attention of netizens and animal rights activists after posting photos of her with a dead giraffe and other wild animals she killed on her hunt in South Africa.

The said photos garnered a lot of criticisms from animal rights activists and ordinary people who were angered by this seemingly inhumane practice. Her collection includes a giraffe a wildebeest, a kudu, a warthog and an impala.

She said on her Facebook post dated July 25, "Day #2 I got a amazing old Giraffe. Such a amazing animal!! I couldn't be any happier!! My emotion after getting him was a feeling I will never forget!!!"

Beautiful Blue Wildebeest. #Africa #racksandridges #huntlikeagirl A photo posted by >>>>---Sabrina Corgatelli----> (@italianhuntress) on

Tonight got a HUGE wart hog. 13 inches. What a fun hunt!!! #huntlikeagirl #racksandridges #Africa

A photo posted by >>>>---Sabrina Corgatelli----> (@italianhuntress) on

Truly one of my favorite animals I'm Africa!! So lucky to be here!! #huntlikeagirl #Africa #racksandridges #kudu A photo posted by >>>>---Sabrina Corgatelli----> (@italianhuntress) on

Various people from all walks of life lamented and shared their views on the said incident including Ashley Byrne, spokesman for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Another celebrity who is very vocal about animal rights, British comedian and activist Ricky Gervais, took to Twitter his feelings regarding the killing and went to describe Corgatelli as a "new extreme 'untress desperate for publicity".

Not only did she receive negative criticisms, some commenters even threatened her job.

"Everything I've done here is legal, so how can you fault somebody because of their hobbies?" Corgatelli expressed as she defended herself against accusers. "How can an employer chastise you for something you do on your personal time that's legally done?” she added.

Idaho State University, where Corgatelli is working, released an official statement through the Associated Press and expressed that the choices of the said employee is "not representative of the university".

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