Saban's Daughter Says She Beat Up Sorority Sister in Self Defense

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Saban's daughter -- that's University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban, in case you were wondering -- allegedly got into a fight with one of her sorority sisters over a Facebook post. This sort of thing seems to be happening more often than not nowadays, especially since people think they can post whatever they want on social networking sites without fear of repercussions. When they get their teeth knocked in for something they've posted, they have the nerve to act surprised. For some reason, that's endlessly amusing to me.

Such is the case of Kirsten Saban, who reportedly smacked around former sorority sister Sarah Grimes following something scathing one of the girls posted on Facebook. In 2010. Yes, Grimes has filed assault charges for an incident which took place nearly two years ago. At some point during these shenanigans, alcohol was involved. Imagine that.

However, according to Kristen's attorney, she only beat down Grimes after the girl attacked her. In other words, Saban was only acting in self-defense. Furthermore, the lawyer has suggested that the injuries Sarah received as a result of the altercation are eerily similar to those she sustained after a car accident around the same time. Very interesting, that.

Grimes says that Saban did one thing, and Saban states that Grimes did another. At this point, it's anybody's guess what really happened. The truth, as always, probably lies somewhere in-between, that tricky little grey area where most people fear to tread. Heaven forbid they both take blame for the incident and go their separate ways. Who am I kidding? Adults would never do something so civilized. Not when there are lawsuits to be filed.

Lesson of the day: Stop posting garbage on Facebook.

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