Ryan Gosling Cookies Are The Best Kind Of Cookies

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Ryan Gosling has earned a reputation for being, well, dreamy, mostly because he's always doing awesome things like saving girls from getting hit by cars in New York City and buying hundreds of boxes of Girl Scout Cookies just to make one little girl's day.

Yes, that's right, Gosling admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that a couple of years ago, he bought out every box of cookie a young Scout had to sell--which numbered in the hundreds--just because he remembered being a kid and working hard to sell things for his dad.

"When I was a kid, my dad had all these side businesses all the time, and somehow, I don't know how, he came upon a truckload of cellophane....and he wanted me to sell it—to help him sell it," he said. I'm trying to sell it to my teachers, and then when I couldn't get rid of it, I thought I'd go outside of the supermarket and I'll just wait until people with their food [come out] cause they're gonna need to wrap it...but anyway, I had a fantasy that someday someone would buy all of it," he explained. "You know, like some guy would just come along and be like, 'I'll take it all.' Which never happened. So, I was walking out of Ralph's one day and I saw these kids trying to sell their cookies, and I was like, 'I'll take 'em all.' So I bought hundreds and hundreds of boxes."

Gosling admits he had no idea how many cookies he'd be left with, so afterward he started giving them away to bystanders on the street. At first, he said, it was an incredible feeling...and then he realized that no one knew who he was, and he was just a "creepy cookie guy" handing out Girl Scout cookies.

"Like who is this guy," he imagined people saying. "What happened to the Girl Scouts and why does he have all their cookies? I regret it."

While there may have been a few people that day who thought it odd, there are bound to be some who still talk about the day a handsome stranger tossed them a box of Girl Scout cookies.

Amanda Crum
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