Ryan Fitzpatrick Is Ready To Improve

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Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has been trying to improve since training camp began and in spite of his standing, he says there is still room for personal improvement.

The Texans will be facing the Cowboys in Arlington in just a few das and Fitzpatrick says that he will not be making the same mistakes that he did during the game against the New York Giants.

“I’ve got to get a lot better,” Fitzpatrick said Wednesday at NRG Stadium. “Every week, it’s almost like a broken record. But the consistency has just got to get better. … We’re 3-1. That’s not too bad. But my level of play has got to pick up and I know that.”

Fitzpatrick's fans are excited to see his improvements and are anxious to see how he will do with the Texans-Cowboys rivalry, which is a big one that goes way back.

Fitzpatrick made a public appearance on Tuesday and answered some questions about his team and his goals. He said he was also questioned a lot about his pre-game speech that he gave last Sunday before the Texans beat the Buffalo Bills.

“I got plenty of flak on that. … I still think my dad has watched or downloaded that thing about a quarter of whatever it’s been downloaded, so I think he pumped up the numbers a little bit,” Fitzpatrick said.

He added: “It was almost one of those blackout moments.”

He also joked about the hit he took from fellow teammate and backup quarterback Ryan Mallet, when the team won.

“That was one of the bigger hits I took during the game,” Fitzpatrick said to Chron. “He’s got to remember that he’s 6-7 and I’m like 6-2. So when he goes to give me a shoulder bump, it’s going to hit me in the face instead of the shoulder. We’re going to work on that a little bit.”

Fitzpatrick is anxious to get on the field and show his fans and his team how much he has improved and how badly he wants the win.

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