Ryan Braun To Endorse 3N2 Softball Cleats

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Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers’ right fielder, has just signed an endorsement deal with 3N2, a manufacturer of baseball cleats. This is the first endorsement the player has agreed to, following his 65-game suspension for violating the anti-drug agreement of the MLB (Major League Baseball).

Braun’s endorsement deal with Nike was cut short on August 2, due to the drug allegations. Marty Graham, president of 3N2, said that they would pay Braun a fraction of the cost that he got from Nike. The cleat-company had contacted the player’s representatives in hopes of striking a deal with Braun. They then sent a pair of cleats to Braun, and sources say that he has been using them while training throughout the spring season.

Braun’s drug allegations did not seem to stop the 3N2 from getting him to endorse their products. Graham said that the company believes in Braun and that the country is about second chances.

Reports from SportsOneSource indicate that 3N2 is just getting 0.2% market share in the $220 million baseball cleat market. It is behind leaders in the industry including Mizuno, Armour, Adidas, New Balance, and Nike. However, Graham said that since they are a smaller business, their progress is not well tracked and that their market share is closer to 2%.

Braun is reported to have lost a whopping $3.3 million in salary because of his suspension. He was also dropped as an endorser for Milwaukee restaurants, AirTran Airways, and Kwik Trip. Graham said that if the player performs the way they think he would, his negative past will soon be forgotten. As of December, Braun’s appeal on consumers is likened to Dennis Rodman’s or Donald Trump’s.

Aside from the 3N2 deal, Braun is also reported to be paid to wear the Natural II, a new batting glove from Franklin Sports.

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