Russian Dashboard Cams Capture Some Serious Carnage on the Highways

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This next video features a series of mishaps captured by automobile dashboard cameras, which are apparently very common in Russia as a means of legal protection.

It actually sounds like a very good idea. I can think of a number of incidents where a dashboard camera would have come in handy.

Regardless, the montage of events shows a number of high-speed car crashes, a couple of different motorists brawling, various random impacts, and the occasional pedestrian in the street. The music is an interesting touch. It's a wild ride. Enjoy!

If you're wondering why these cameras are so popular in Russia, you should take a look at this article I'm linking to. According to the author, Russia is no place to screw around, and you might want to consider a number of personal protection methods beyond just a camera if you are going to spend any great amount of time on their roadways (or in their country for that matter).

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