Russell Brand Calls Out Unprepared MSNBC Anchors

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Russell Brand was interviewed on Monday by the people over at MSNBC, and it didn't go over well. At all.

Most people who are familiar with Brand--or who bother to do any sort of mild research into his comedy acts--know that he's got a sharp, biting wit paired with a gentle delivery; often, you don't even know he's zinged you until two minutes after the fact, because you're busy trying to keep up with him. Mika Brzezinski would have done well to keep that in mind during the interview. Instead, she started off with, "Joining us now, he's a really big deal — I'm told this, I'm not very pop-cultured, sorry."

Yikes. And it just got worse, with the anchors--including Brian Shactman and Katty Kay--referring to Brand as "he" and then calling him Willy for some reason.

"Who is Willy?" Brand asked at one point. "Is this what you all do for a living?"

The interview--which, keep in mind, was to promote his "Messiah Complex" tour--went on with the anchors making fun of his accent and talking about his clothes.

"You know, funny, the accent," Schactman said. "When I see him in person, it's totally fine. Forgetting Sarah Marshall or the TV show, it's fine, but on satellite radio in the car, I can't understand a single joke you say."

You can watch the painful exchange below.

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