Rupert Murdoch Courts Twitter for Ron Paul Debate


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Rupert Murdoch, the man with world's most wrinkly hands, is back on Twitter, trying to improve the level of discourse coming across his account, something he's already complained about in recent tweets. To his credit, instead of further lamenting about the quality of Twitter interaction, Murdoch took it upon himself to improve it by asking a simple question, one that usually leads to great deal of Internet debate.

His topic? Ron Paul:

Just reading new book on Ron Paul. Fascinating. Ron sure model of consistency, right or wrong. Any tweeters wish to debate?(image) 27 minutes ago via Twitter for iPad ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

If Murdoch had asked such a question in a Reddit AMA session, there's no telling the amount of responses he would've received, but as it stands, besides the 50-plus retweets, once Murdoch's tweet is expanded, you see there's been no real interaction with him. What gives, folks? This is your chance to engage in a conversation with one of the most well-known, controversial media members in the world, but yet, the sound of crickets greeted his current events query.

In fact, as of this article, Murdoch's tweet was broadcast over 30 minutes ago, but yet, the Twitter crowd has given him nothing to respond to, and that's unfortunate.