Rumor Schedules Google China Exit For April 10th


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Google may end its search operations in China very soon, according to a new report.  A local employee supposedly told a Chinese newspaper that Google will announce its plans to leave on Monday, March 22nd, and then actually pull out on Saturday, April 10th.

Google LogoIt's hard to judge the accuracy of this information.  On the one hand, there have been no shortages of rumors and hoaxes surrounding the situation in China.  Also, Saturday seems like a rather odd day for any company to execute a major business maneuver.

At the same time, the tension between Google and the Chinese government has been mounting for months, and there have been multiple signs that the two sides are just about done talking.

So we'll just present what little fresh info is available.  A Bloomberg article stated this morning, "Google Inc. may pull out of China on April 10, China Business News reported today, citing an unidentified Chinese sales agent for the company."  Furthermore, "The search engine may announce its exit on March 22 . . . .  It may also reveal plans for its China workforce on the same day, according to the report. "

We'll see what happens.  At least the Monday target date won't keep everyone on edge for too long.