Rumer Willis Gets Gun-Shaped Birthday Cake from Mom Demi Moore

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Rumer Willis is the oldest of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis's three daughters. In fact, Rumer turned 26 on Saturday. Mom Demi Moore got in to the spirit of celebrating her daughter's birthday by presenting her with a birthday cake--shaped like a gun. The inscription on the firearm read 'Happy Birthday Rumer,' while the serving piece was adorned with a hot pink inscription of, 'Bang Bang!'

No one should be all too surprised by this. There isn't much conventional about Demi Moore--especially with regard to her role as a mother. This wasn't a shot in the dark, however, gifting Rumer Willis with a gun cake. It seems Demi knew her daughter would love the bizarre gesture.

When sharing an Instagram photo of her unusual birthday cake, Rumer Willis captioned it with a message to her mom.

'Best birthday cake ever. Thank you mama for making this day do special,' she wrote.

Rumer posted a thank you message and photo--also via Instagram--that thanked everyone who played a part in her reaching her 26th birthday.

'Today I am another year older and hopefully a little wiser but who knows. I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me get here. To the people who make me laugh, cry, smile and make me want to pull my hair out. Who have held me up when I was sad. Who go on crazy adventures with me and let me cry about silly things. Who watch bad tv with me late at night. To the people who have broken my heart and helped me grow and the people that put me back together again. I thank you all because I would not be the woman I am today without all of you. I can't wait to see what adventures await me,' she wrote.

Given the bizarre goings-on in the Moore-Willis family (much more so on Demi Moore's side of the blended family than on Bruce Willis's) it's likely that Rumer Willis will go on lots of rather unconventional adventures in the coming years. The family is presently dealing with Tallulah Willis--youngest of Bruce and Demi's daughters--going to rehab for drug and alcohol issues.

It's obvious that neither Demi Moore nor Rumer Willis are the types to appreciate a lovely white frosted cake with flowers, but what's your take on the hand gun birthday cake? Does that strike you as being a little bit over the top?

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