Rumer Willis Blasts Franziska Fox For Photoshoping Her Face And Body


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Use of photoshop in photo-shoots can be controversial, and the latest controversy has been expressed by actress Rumer Willis. Recently, the actress had some spicy pictures taken for the Franziska Fox lookbook. According to Willis in an Elle interview, "they Photoshopped my face and my body, and I wasn’t okay with it. I didn’t approve it."

"Girls who look at this shouldn’t feel like they have to change themselves or have some weird ideal that you have to be Photoshopped to look good or look perfect," she went on to say. "I learned an interesting lesson from all this and I have to be much more specific and say, ‘Look, this is who I am. If you want me to be a part of what you’re doing, these are the things I live by.’ Don’t slim my arms down–I worked really hard to get them to look this strong."

Comparisons were made between this objection and a protest made by her sister, Scout Willis, in June, when Instagram deleted photos of nipples showing. "She’s probably one of the most brave and outspoken people that I know," Rumer Willis said of her sister, "I commend her for finding something and taking a stand."

Scout Willis walked topless in the streets of New York a few months ago. "I am certainly not doing anything novel," she wrote on XOJane, "A group here in New York called Topless Pulp gathers in parks to read topless regularly, and the Free The Nipple campaign has been protesting for the same rights for the last four years.

Rumer Willis has not joined the Free The Nipple campaign by walking around topless like her sister did, but some of her Franziska Fox pictures E! News were described as a "wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen". So who knows? Topless Rumer Willis photos may soon come down the pike.