Routine Is That Spooky Moon Base Simulator You've Always Wanted


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The horror genre has seen somewhat of a resurgence in recent years thanks to the efforts of indie developers around the world. One of the more interesting games to come out of this renaissance is Routine.

For those just joining us, Routine is a "first person horror exploration game set on an abandoned moon base." The player is charged with finding out exactly what happened on the base that led to the sudden disappearance of everyone living in it.

What make the game even more interesting is that it's completely non-linear. You can explore any part of the base and find out its secrets. Players will have to be on their guard, however, as the game practices permadeath. In other words, you only have one life to live. If you die, you'll have to start over from the beginning.

Now, after months of teaser trailers, the development team at Lunar Software have released a new trailer comprised entirely of gameplay. It's atmospheric, frightening and all kinds of amazing:

Routine has already been cleared for release on Steam through Greenlight so you'll be able to play it day one on Valve's digital platform. The team at Lunar Software is also supporting Oculus Rift. That should make you tremble with excitement.