Rosie O’Donnell's Ex Michelle Rounds Is A No-Show For Child Custody Battle

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Rosie O’Donnell’s divorce from Michelle Rounds is turning into an acrimonious soap opera.

The comic arrived at a New York City courthouse ready to fight for custody of her two-year-old adopted daughter Dakota.

However, O’Donnell’s estranged wife was noticeably absent.

Rounds’ lawyer William London said that his client decided to stay home to care of her sick toddler.

“The nanny delivered the child (to Rounds) Monday afternoon and she had a fever of 104.3,” London said.

But the custody hearing still continued despite Rounds’ no-show and a brief meltdown by O’Donnell.

The former View co-host allegedly became furious when she noticed that there were reporters present in the hearing.

“Press? There's press here?" the 53-year-old asked before adding “could you ask them to leave?”

The reporters present reminded the comedienne that the courtrooms were open to the public but O’Donnell was having none of it.

The embattled TV host was subsequently escorted to a locked room across the hall before the proceedings could commence.

O’Donnell’s lawyer Elyse Goldweber, and at one point even Judge Lori Sattler, had to shuttle from the judge’s chambers to O’Donnell’s room.

O’Donnell was later seen leaving the courthouse with security via a back entrance.

Neither lawyers from both sides spoke publicly about the initial session, aside from London simply saying that “the custody case is proceeding.”

O’Donnell and Rounds were married for three years and adopted Dakota during that time. They officially split last February.

The divorce took a vitriolic turn when Rounds decided to file for complete custody of her daughter over claims that O’Donnell is an unfit parent.

A recent TMZ report stated that Rounds’ divorce documents allegedly accused O’Donnell of drinking a bottle of red wine every night and smoking weed.

A representative for O’Donnell decried the allegations and said that “this is an absurd and desperate attempt to use a child for her own gain.”

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