Roselyn Sanchez Talks Season 2 Of Devious Maids


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During the shocking season one finale of Lifetime's Devious Maids, we found out who killed Flora.

Now, with season two underway, Roselyn Sanchez is revealing that we are in for an even deadlier season.

"There are deaths," Sanchez said."A new murder mystery happening, new families, and a lot of changes."

Ana Ortiz's, Sanchez's co-star, character Marisol Duarte will really be changing it up this season. In season one, we saw her posing as a maid to try to prove her son's innocence in Flora's death, but in this season she is hiring help of her own.

"Ana has her own maid, which is crazy!" Sanchez explained. "And she’s engaged to this very wealthy man and she’s going through this ,’who is he — for real? Because he’s a little bit devious, actually. He has secrets," she added.

Ortiz's character is not the only one who experiencing life-altering changes. Sanchez admits that her character Carmen Luna is literally "out of her mind," but she still loves her. "Carmen is out of her mind," Sanchez said. "She decides to forget about love and become the beard for Alejandro Rubio (Matt Cedeno) because he’s gay and a big pop star and he doesn’t want the world to know he’s gay. So I become his trophy wife."

"And then thinking that’s going to change my life dramatically and I’m going to accomplish my dreams, but of course everything goes wrong and she’s completely out of touch with reality and makes bad choices and insanity. But I love her. She’s crazy."

Devious Maids airs on Lifetime on Sundays at 10 PM.

Image via Wikimedia Commons