Roseanne Barr Being Sued For $750,000 Over Tweet


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Roseanne Barr is known for her offensive and sarcastic humor, but it looks like she has gone too far, and it may cost her a pretty penny.

According to federal court documents, George Zimmerman's parents are suing Barr for $750,000 after she reportedly posted their address on Twitter on March 29, 2012.

Robert and Gladys Zimmerman are seeking $600,000 for personal and emotional harm, and $37,400 for the money they have had to spend on staying in hotels, after they were forced from their home and into hiding. George is the neighborhood watch volunteer that was acquitted last year for murdering Trayvon Martin.

Barr admitted to putting the address of their Lake Mary home in one of her tweets, however she said she immediately took it back down. The lawsuit was filed in March and Barr's lawyers believe that the Zimmermans should not receive any compensation.

In other news, Roseanne has decided to head back to television! In November, Roseanne tweeted that she would never work in television again. However, she must have had a change of heart because she will be one of the judges on the Last Comic Standing that premiered on Thursday.

"I like judging people," Barr told PEOPLE. "I really like it and thought this would give me the opportunity to tell somebody the truth about something they do. They probably won't listen, but if they do they'll be doing themselves a big favor."

While she has taken a break from performing or even watching stand up comedy, Barr admits that the show is making her want to do it again. "I'm starting to want to do it again," she said. "But I really don't know if people will want to hear anything I'd have to say. I don't think they could handle it for a second. Once I start going nobody can handle it."

Last Comic Standing airs on Thursdays at 9:00 pm on NBC.

Image via Wikimedia Commons