Rose McGowan Dining During Smoke Bomb Attack

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Rose McGowan--known for her role in Charmed--was just one of many people dining in a New York restaurant on Friday evening that was attacked by an unidentified person throwing a smoke bomb. The grenade-sized smoke bomb was thrown into Bar Pitti on Sixth Avenue after the suspect popped out of a subway service grate just outside the restaurant. The place was immediately engulfed in thick red smoke, the restaurant's employees told the New York Daily News.

"It was a big one...about the size of a grenade,” one restaurant employee, who didn't want to use his name, said. “Everybody panicked and half the people ran out.”

“I’m just glad it wasn’t anything explosive,” the employee added.

Rose McGowan told Gossip Cop that she was with a friend and the friend's four-year-old son. She said the child was briefly “lost in the red smoke.”

McGowan added that her eyes hurt even hours after the smoke bomb was set off and she still had a really bad taste in her mouth. She shared word of the incident via Twitter.

The man who threw the smoke bomb remains at large. An employee at Bar Pitti said he would have had to walk for quite a while in order to pull off his crime, noting that he had to enter the train station at either the Spring Street or West 4th stations and then walk through the tunnels in order to get to the service entrance.

Fortunately Rose McGowan and the other patrons at Bar Pitti escaped relataively unscathed--aside from the burning sensation in the eyes and a bad taste in the mouth--from the smoke bomb incident. The restaurant was reportedly aired out and back in business around 9:00 Friday evening.

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