Rory McIlroy Dominates US Open, Celebrates on Twitter

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When someone dominates a major golf championship the way Rory McIlroy dominated the 2011 US Open, the world quickly becomes your oyster In today's world, normally, the first place such ownership is acknowledged is via the social media circuit, with Twitter and Facebook offering the loudest cheers, or at least, the biggest crowds.

Such is the case with McIlroy, who was simply masterful in winning his first major PGA championship after dominating the field for four straight days. After McIlroy's conquest was complete, naturally, the Twitter world responded with well-wishes and the like, as the world waits impatiently for someone to step in the shoes left behind by Tiger Woods' dominance over the PGA. Is Rory the one to take the reigns now that Woods is battling leg injuries, while trying to rebuild a world his actions almost destroyed? Is Roy the new Tiger? That's another story for another day -- for all his brilliance, it is only Rory's first major -- but it's clear people certainly welcomed their potentially-new PGA Tour overlord with open arms.

In fact, one could argue the social media world embraced McIlroy better -- well, at least more accurately -- than the traditional media did. As indicated, McIlroy's dominant US Open win made the Twitter people take notice:

McIlroy triumph signals new golfing dynasty - World Sport blog: "Let's go Rory! Let's go Rory!" The chants here ... 3 hours ago via twitterfeed · powered by @socialditto

Rory, Rory, Hallelujah: McIlroy wins US Open - U.S. Open- NBC Sports 1 hour ago via Tweet Button · powered by @socialditto

Good morning everybody! Who would win: Rory McIlroy or a hurricane? 3 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

RORY MCILROY, US OPEN CHAMP!!.... FANTASTIC!!.. Northern Ireland has finally found it's sport of choice........apart from shooting obviously 6 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Fans weren't the only ones taking to Twitter to celebrate McIlroy's historic win. The man of hour himself posted what will probably be the most-viewed tweeted picture of the past weekend, while demonstrating professional golfers can party, too:

Rory Wins

For some reason, I'm glad NHL players aren't the only ones to drink from their championship cup/trophy. It wasn't all drunken shenanigans after McIlroy's win, as he offered another tweet thanking all the fans and well-wishers:

Thanks to everyone for all the messages over the past few hours. It was a very special week for me. Proud to be a major champion! 3 hours ago via Twittelator · powered by @socialditto

Of course, seeing how that was posted sometime after the celebration, perhaps that could be viewed as an invitation to do the walk of shame, only in a social media manner.