Roomba Vacuum to be Acquired Next by Google?


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We may have been a little off with the high-tech expectancies of The Year 2000, but with the introduction of iRobot's Roomba Cleaner, we've gotten a little closer to that grand Jetsons Lifestyle we've all been waiting for.

Accompanied by a cheer heard around the world as every child (and cat terrified of the vacuum cleaner) realized that one of the most hated chores in the history of KidHood just might be abolished, we've had our eye on the Roomba vacuum since 2005.

This month, the Roomba vacuum has quickly experienced an impressive peak in consumer interest after a Google acquisition not a week old. Touted as a "Robot You Can Buy Right Now" by CNN, the Roomba vacuum comes in a 600, 700 and 800 series, and travels from room to room extracting dirt from your carpet. You can schedule the cleanings, and it has nifty features such as edge cleaning capabilities, dirt detection, a HEPA filter and more. Not only is the Roomba vacuum effective and practical for some, it's also becoming one of those new gadgets Everyone Has To Have:

Check out iRobot's site to see how iRobot uses this same technology in military and civil defenses. Fast times are up ahead!