Ronda Rousey Predicted Exactly How Holly Holm Would Beat Her

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Ronda Rousey’s defeat on Sunday got people thinking about what went wrong, and various people – from mere TV viewers to professional sports analysts – are offering their opinions about the results of the fight. However, only Rousey herself knows exactly what she could have done otherwise. In fact, she even predicted how Holly Holm would defeat her.

Holm’s upset victory came as a shock to many, especially when Rousey was knocked out in the second round of the UFC bantamweight title fight. Holm finished the bout with a flawless kick to Rousey’s head. In an exclusive interview with Jimmy Fallon last month, the former UFC champion accurately described how “The Preacher’s Daughter” would slay her on the ring.

Ronda Rousey Chronicles Her Defeat On Jimmy Fallon

“I feel like she’s going to try and keep distance and keep far away from me and get me frustrated to the point I’ll make a mistake and can try and kick me in the head,” Rousey told Fallon but she promised that it would never turn out like that.

It seemed apparent that Ronda Rousey was fully aware of how big of a threat Holly Holm was to her. Rousey, whose last fight lasted only 34 seconds predicted that her fight with “The Preacher’s Daughter” would take much longer, which did come true as their UFC 193 match lasted five minutes and 59 seconds.

What made Holly Holm a good match for the longtime UFC queen is her style and discipline. Holm has an intensive background in boxing and has won three belts in three weight classes inside the ring. Holm believes her win against Ronda Rousey was not sheer luck. She always believed that she was put in the ring for a reason.

"I don't get in there thinking, 'I'm fighting for my paycheck.' I get in there thinking, 'I want to win this fight.' The feeling of a victory is priceless. You can't put money on that,” Holly Holm said.

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