Ronda Rousey Makes History With Magazine Cover

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Ronda Rousey is all about breaking boundaries and setting records, so it's no surprise that she has made history by being the first MMA fighter to land the cover of Ring Magazine.

The mag--which has featured famous boxers since it began circulation in 1922--will put Rousey on the cover of their January issue in 2016, making her the first fighter and only the second woman to take the honor.

Not only that, Rousey proves she's no slouch when it comes to her knowledge of the sport of boxing, saying in an interview that she has a favorite boxer and has loved him since before anyone else even knew who he was.

"Gennady Golovkin. I can't believe I'm one of those people who are like 'before everybody knew I thought he was going to be cool' but I'm totally one of those guys. I'm like 'I knew Gennady was going to show everyone!' Just everything about who he is as a fighter and who he is as a person and it's hard to find somebody that impresses you in both areas," Rousey said.

While it's clear Rousey isn't leaving the MMA game for a while--if ever--the cover of the magazine poses the question of whether she'll make the leap to boxing. Fans know she loves her own sport too much to think about making the move--at least for now--but earlier this year even UFC President Dana White admitted he was running out of female fighters to pit her against. The champ has taken down every opponent who has gone up against her in a matter of seconds.

“She’s gonna have to start fighting men if she walks through Cat Zingano. If Ronda Rousey walks through Cat Zingano the way she has walked through every body else, I don’t know what to do with her,” White joked.

Amanda Crum
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