Roku Debuts New $50 Streaming Stick

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Roku has just announced a new streaming device that is clearly aimed at competing with the highly-popular Google Chromecast and the like. It's called the Roku Streaming Stick, and it'll run you $49.99.

Oh, the Streaming Stick already exists? True. Roku first unveiled their Streaming Stick back in 2012. At the time is cost $100 and plugged into the MHL port of "Roku ready" TVs–not exactly all that appealing to many in the market for a cheap, easy streaming device. It didn't even come with a remote. The new Roku Stick, apart from its much-lower price tag (the old one still costs $69.99), but it also plugs into your HDMI port. It comes with the classic Roku remote as well.

According to Roku's Jim Funk, you can expect the new HDMI version of the Streaming Stick to sport all the functionality of Roku's set-top boxes.

"This new tiny player plugs discreetly into an HDMI port – perfect for those beautiful wall-mounted TVs – and packs the complete Roku streaming experience. That means access to 1,200+ channels of movies, TV episodes, music, news, sports, kids’ shows and free programming streamed in up to 1080p HD video, plus a TV user interface featuring the beloved Roku Search," he says.

Roku just recently added a YouTube app, as well as WatchESPN and WATCH Disney apps.

Funk also hints at the device's future capabilities, although rather vaguely.

"Users can also cast Netflix, YouTube and personal media from their devices to their TVs and additional mobile features such as the ability to cast content from a computer to the TV are on the way."

The HDMI Streaming Stick will hit stores (and online) next month, and you can pre-order now.

Image via Roku Blog

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