'Rocky' Run Recreated in Philadelphia [VIDEO]


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One of the most memorable scenes in movie history is of Rocky Balboa running through the streets (and parks and train tracks) of Philadelphia as people cheer him on in Rocky II. Children begin following him and the music swells before he mounts the steps in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and leaps in triumph.

Improv Everywhere (the "no pants subway ride" guys) this week released a new video in which the famous run is re-created, right on the real streets of Philadelphia. Though it's almost certain that the run has been spoofed before (the sweats-and-headband costume is pretty simple) it's never quite been done to this degree. The troupe got 100 kids between the ages of 8 and 15 to follow "Rocky," and that's when the reactions of bystanders begin to get interesting:

The Rocky recreation is the first in an Improv Everywhere series called "Movies in Real Life." Once a week throughout the fall, the troupe will be releasing videos depicting iconic movie scenes acted out in real life. Here's hoping that we all get to see the faces of innocent New York diners as they witness a depiction of that one scene from When Harry Met Sally.

(Image courtesy Improv Everywhere)