Robots on the Rise: An Infographic Guide

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Beware, there's a robot trend on the rise. This wonderful new infographic from explains how robots are invading almost every aspect of our lives, but most importantly, education. It's true, kids seem to be obsessed with robots and robotic technology.

The South Korean Ministry is predicting that every household will have a robot by 2020. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, robotics are the future, and will comprise 60% of all science, mathematics, and engineering jobs. Even more importantly, this infographic tells us kids want robots. What do they want them for? Of course, to do chores for them.

On the more serious side, kids are working with simple robotics for educational purposes like playing instructive games, being tutored in various subjects, and most obviously, just learning about robotics. There's a lot more to the picture than I'm addressing here, but that's why I've included the infographic.

As you attempt to examine the various pieces of the robot puzzle, think about how robotics have impacted our lives and where you think they'll have utility in the future. I wasn't kidding, there really is a robot trend on the rise.

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