Robin Williams' Wife, Children Embroiled in Fight Over Actor's Estate

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Robin Williams' wife and children are fighting over the late comedian's estate and it looks to get ugly.

Attorneys for Susan Williams and Robin Williams' kids — Zachary, Zelda and Cody — are scheduled to appear before a San Francisco probate judge on Monday.

The parties are arguing over Williams' clothes and other personal items that were kept at one of the beloved actor's Northern California homes.

Williams' wife, Susan, filed documents in December claiming some of Williams' personal items were taken without her permission.

Susan Williams is asking the court to discount Robin Williams' directive to give jewelry, memorabilia and other items to his children.

Robin Williams' children said in response that Susan Williams is "adding insult to a terrible injury" by trying to change the trust agreement and rob them of the late actor's belongings.

Susan Williams' attorney said she was only seeking guidance from the court for clarification on some of the terms of the trust. She apparently believes that since he stipulated that she should remain in the Tiburon home, it makes sense that he also intended her to have the memorabilia in that home.

Robin Williams took his own life at his home in Tiburon north of San Francisco in August. It was reported that the actor was struggling with depression after a recent diagnosis of Parkinson's disease.

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