Robin Williams' Family Is Now Fighting Over His Estate, Wife Accused Of Being "Greedy"

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Robin Williams’ widow and his children from two prior marriages have gone to court over disputes regarding his estate. According to reports, the papers were filed back in December. Robin Williams’ wife, Susan Schneider Williams, alleged that his children have taken items from their Tiburon home without her permission. According to Susan, since the Tiburon home was left to her, the items in the home should be excluded in the list of items that were left for the children.

According to Robin Williams’ will, Susan is entitled to their Tiburon home while his children, Zak from his first marriage, and Zelda and Cody from his second, are entitled to any memorabilia acquired throughout the course of his career as well as other items that were stored in a second property in Napa.

In January, Robin Williams’ children filed a response to Susan’s claims. According to them, Susan Schneider Williams “acted against his wishes by challenging the plans he so carefully made for his estate”. They also accused her of being greedy after she asked for additional money to cover for the daily upkeep of the Tiburon home as well as for unexpected renovations and improvements.

Jim Wagstaffe, Susan Schneider Williams’ lawyer, said, “Mr. Williams wanted his wife to be able to stay in her home and not be disrupted in her life with her children. Compared to what the Williams children were set to receive from their father, this is a bucket of water in a lake.”

Included in the list of disputed items are Robin Williams’ collection of comic books, posters, action figures, and other memorabilia.

“These collections were carefully amassed by Mr. Williams over his lifetime and were precious to him,” the response from the Williams children said. “As the Williams children grew, so did their father’s collections and they shared in their father’s excitement as additions were made to his collection.”

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