Robin Thicke To Appear On Dad's Reality Show

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Robin Thicke has garnered enough headlines in the past several months to secure him a safe spot in the minds of anyone who's up on their pop culture; between his racy performance with Miley Cyrus at last year's MTV VMAs and his split from wife Paula Patton, Thicke has been in the news almost as much as he's been on the radio. Now, he'll add reality show appearances to his resume as he supports his family's endeavors.

Thicke's father, actor and former talk show host Alan, will star in a quasi-reality show on TVGN along with his wife and youngest son, and Robin is scheduled to make a couple of appearances. The show is unlike any reality fare we've seen, however, in that it will be unscripted but the scenes will be set up.

"It's real with a nudge and a wink," Thicke said. "It's part-reality, part-sitcom. I never was so presumptuous to think that we're interesting enough to be followed around with cameras with no plan and have it at all be entertaining. My insecurity about that was, 'Let's have a story.' We tell our stories, but we'll do it in an embellished kind of way. We're not scripted, but we are plotted."

Thicke and wife Tanya open up on the show about her desire to have a child--and his desire not to have a fourth due to his age--and the difficulties of teaching Carter, Thicke's 16-year old son from his second marriage, about the right paths to take in life.

"In real life, Brennan (Thicke's eldest son) owns a medical marijuana dispensary, a cannabis shop. It's completely legal. The challenge is the great hypocrisy of how do you support one kid's business while at the same time telling the other one not to smoke weed? We do a whole episode about that," he said.

Thicke recently spoke up about his famous son's involvement in the show, saying that his personal life won't be on display in any of the episodes.

"You won't see his drama," Thicke said. "You'll see a couple of appearances, cameos by Robin checking up on me. Of course, I'm happy to exploit him as much as possible. He's clearly an important part of the family and good enough to participate a little bit."

Unusually Thicke premieres tonight at 10 on TVGN.

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