Robin Thicke Still Hung Up On Paula?


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Robin Thicke has spent the last several months trying to persuade his ex-wife Paula to come back to him.

He took advantage of his fame and used several of his performances to call out to Paula.

He also titled a recent album after her.

Paula never did get back with Robin and although many people thought that he would continue to beg and plead for her to work things out with him, it looks like the singer may have finally moved on.

Thicke recently went camping with his son Julian on Lake Perris in California. The father and son weren’t alone, they were accompanied by a brunette who was seen playing with Julian and even holding his hand.

For a moment the world was happy that Thicke had seemed to have found a girlfriend, but he later revealed that the pretty brunette was just Julian’s nanny and that the two were not romantically involved.

Thicke and Julian spent their camping trip in a tent and sleeping bags and witnesses said that Thicke seemed to be making the most of his time with his son.

Julian and Robin worked together to put up their tent and prepare their campsite but also made time for some fun. They were seen swimming in the lake and playing on the shore.

Thicke said that although he appreciates the nanny, he is still hoping that he will one day be able to win back his ex-wife and will continue to try until he, Paula and Julian are a family again.

Do you think Thicke will get back together with Paula or is he just making himself look desperate and pathetic?

Image via Wikimedia Commons