Robin Thicke "Lost Without" Wife Paula Patton

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Robin Thicke is doing all he can to get his pissed-off missus to come home. The "Blurred Lines" singer was pretty open about his situation when questioned by a TMZ photographer.

"I'm just trying to get my wife back," said the singer.

It was TMZ that reported that Robin Thicke flew to Canada where his currently estranged wife Paula Patton is currently filming, hoping to change her mind about leaving him.

The move did not work as Patton has apparently reached the breaking point. The onstage performance with Miley Cyrus was a major aggravation for Patton.

Sources told TMZ that Thicke's wife felt "utterly disrespected" by what she saw on stage. But what caused Patton to finally declare a need to separate from Thicke may have had something to do with rumors of infidelity.

If this is the case, it would be an unfortunate "like father, like son" scenario, as Thicke's father, Alan Thicke, was notoriously unfaithful to his mother.

As for Patton, even though Thicke dedicated a performance of his "Lost Without U" song to his wife and opened up to the audience about his marriage troubles, she reportedly remains unmoved.

At least for now.

Despite her claims of wanting to leave Thicke, she has not taken any decisive action, such as hiring a divorce lawyer. Once Thicke gets served divorce papers, he can consider his marriage virtually over. For now it seems Patton is simply at her wits end and very hurt.

This means that Thicke might be able to woo back his true love, but sources close to her say that it will not be easy.

Patton is said to be monitoring Thicke's words and actions very closely, but from an emotionally safe distance. If she feels he sincerely wants to make their marriage work and is truly sorry for the harm he has caused her, only then will she make the effort to return to his side.

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