Robin Thicke Goes Camping With Son And Sexy Brunette

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Sexy singer Robin Thicke had to cancel his concert last Friday at the Indiana State Fair reportedly due to “a scheduling change” or “vocal issues,” but he made the best of it by spending time with his son Julian, camping on Lake Perris in California. People speculated on who was the pretty brunette with them on the outing—was it a new girlfriend? Everyone can relax now because Thicke confirmed to E! News that he and his son’s female companion was just the nanny.

Thicke and his son traveled to Lake Perris for an old-school camping trip that featured a tent, sleeping bags, snacks, and water toys for Julian. The trip is supposedly Julian’s first taste of the great outdoors and a great opportunity for some father-son bonding. Thicke put up the tent himself and was seen wrestling with it at one point, although he finally got it installed correctly in the end. He came well equipped for some fun in the sun, toting folding armchairs and applying sunscreen on himself and his son. He wore aviator shades, a necklace and blue shorts, but was shirtless as he and Julian walked on the sand. Julian, meanwhile, wore printed trunks and a hat to protect his face.

People watching Thicke’s love life must have been excited about the mystery of the pretty brunette, but the singer is reportedly still trying to win his ex-wife Paula Patton back. They separated in February after 20 years of being in a relationship, nine of which they were married. One of his attempts to reconcile with her involved writing and recording the album he titled Paula, which contains songs about Patton. “I just wanted to make something artistic out of a very difficult period,” he said of the album.

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