Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Split Won't Air on Reality Show

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Robin Thicke's dad Alan Thicke has a new reality TV series, but one thing that won't appear on the show is the split between Robin and his wife Paula Patton.

"You won't see his drama," Alan said while promoting Unusually Thicke. The show premieres Wednesday night on TVGN. "You'll see a couple of appearances, cameos by Robin checking up on me."

"Of course, I'm happy to exploit him as much as possible," he added with a laugh. "He's clearly an important part of the family and good enough to participate a little bit."

It was during this interview with EOnline that Alan Thicke was asked if he thinks his son and daughter-in-law will get back together again.

"I hope whatever they decide to do will make them both happy. That's the key thing. You want your kids to be happy. They're strong, smart and talented people and they'll make great decisions," the former Growing Pains star said.

The elder Thicke talked a bit about Unusually Thicke, explaining that it's not like your typical reality TV show. He says the cameras didn't follow his family around 24/7.

"It's real people in real situations that are happening in our lives but we're layering it with a sort of sitcom format," Alan said. "The dialogue is improvised but we know where we're headed."

A big point of the early story line is that his wife of 9 years--Tanya--wants to have another baby.

"My wife would love that, but I don't know at this point in life…I'm not a spring chicken," Alan said.

Alan Thicke is 67--28 years older than wife Tanya. The Blurred Lines singer is Alan and Gloria Loring's son.

Do you think fans of Unusually Thicke will be disappointed when they learn that Robin Thicke's impending divorce won't play itself out on reality TV? Hopefully it won't deter good ratings for Alan Thicke's new show.

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