Robin Roberts: The Things That Make Her 'Happy'

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Robin Roberts is just one of the Good Morning America personalities to dance on TV to Pharell Williams's hit song Happy. In a recent interview with a Memphis, Tennessee publication, she talked about the things that truly make her happy.

One of those things is her long time girlfriend Amber Laign. The two have been together in a 'closeted' relationship for about 9 years. The two recently walked the red carpet together at the GLSEN Respect Awards. Despite their PDA, however, the couple has no plans to marry.

“Amber and i are extremely happy and we've been together almost 9 years now. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!” Roberts said during an earlier interview.

Being one of the co-anchors on Good Morning America makes Robin happy, too.

“You know what a thrill that is to look in the camera and say "Good Morning America?" To wake people up and to say we want to do whatever we can to inform you first and foremost but then help you have a good day?" she asks.

The question is indeed a rhetorical one, especially for those who have experienced Robin Roberts sharing her happiness on live TV. The breast cancer survivor and woman who recently defeated a rare blood disorder after receiving a bone marrow transplant from her sister exudes happy. She decided to live her life in the moment and sets a fine example for others in doing so, too. After all, how do any of us know that we have any more than this very moment in time?

She recently shared some of the fun she and her GMA cohorts have during commercial breaks via a photo and message on Twitter.

Can you feel Robin Roberts and her happy when you watch her on GMA? It's practically contagious these days, isn't it? Hopefully she will inspire others to live as she does.

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