Robert Pattinson Gets a Taste of Being Paparazzi for a Change in His New Film

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Robert Pattinson has done his time as a heartthrob on the big screen. Nowadays, when he is deciding which movie roles to take, he doesn't give nearly as much consideration to whether his adoring fans will approve.

"I will go through periods where I will think, 'Oh, maybe I should do a commercial movie,'" Pattinson said recently. "And then I just think, someone gave me a really great piece of advice – someone from my agency, weirdly – they said the only clients that are happy are the ones that just do what they want to do. So I just kind of do everything for myself."

Robert Pattinson, famous for the Twilight series of films, will star in the film Life as a photographer name Dennis Stock. The film is about the photographer's relationship with Hollywood icon James Dean.

Pattinson spoke about how it felt to be the target of all the adulation that came his way in the wake of the Twilight series.

"The first period of getting famous was incredibly strange to me and really fun at the beginning because you didn't realize the consequences of anything," Pattinson said. "You could say or do whatever you wanted and it just didn't matter."

"I only really realized what being famous was about three years after I got famous, four years afterwards."

Because of his status as a super-famous celebrity, Pattinson has been stalked by paparazzi for years. In his new role, he got to see what life might be like for those guys behind the flashbulbs.

"It is interesting to feel the power trip, especially when I was shooting the scene on the red carpet, when you are part of the massive throng of people, and not only are you part of the crowd and hidden but you have something you can hide your own face [with]," Pattinson said. "You just see all the pressure is on someone else. It is kind of nice, you feel all secure in your little pack. It is very different."

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