Robert Kennedy Jr.'s Wife Dead, Police Investigate

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Robert Kennedy Jr's wife, Mary Kennedy, was found dead today in their home in New York. Sources at RadarOnline say Kennedy committed suicide.

So far the information has not been confirmed and police are yet to make an announcement. We will update as news becomes available.

"There was an EMT vehicle outside the home about an hour ago," a source told RadarOnline.

Robert Kennedy Jr. was married to Mary in 1994. They were together for 16 years before filing for divorce in 2010. After separation, Mary lived in the family home in Kisco, New York, while he lived in Los Angeles. They had four children together.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is the son of assassinated senator Robert Kennedy and the nephew of JFK.

The Kennedy family has seen more than their share of untimely deaths over the years. Assassinations, plane crashes, drug addiction, and a ski accident have claimed various members of the illustrious family. Hopefully this will be the last unnatural death for this family.

More on Mary here.

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